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Solutions for Multichannel IP Delivery

Solutions for Multichannel IP Delivery
Solutions for Multichannel IP Delivery
  • Solutions for Multichannel IP Delivery
  • Solutions for Multichannel IP Delivery

The challenge

Secure, Safe, High Performance Multichannel IP Delivery

Your broadcast enterprise is faced with rising transmission costs due to increased standard network fees. You also learn that in the coming months your existing ISDN network will no longer be supported by its provider. At the same time, your audience is expanding rapidly and you wish to secure a larger transmission footprint over a wider variety of channels and into new target groups who are using an ever-growing  array of devices. Simultaneously, you want to achieve these objectives with a lower TCO, ensure the scalability of any new infrastructure to meet changing demands, make certain that you do not lose existing audience groups – and guarantee the continuing high quality of transmitted content.

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The solution

Revolutionary DELIVER Solutions from Digigram



Method: by deploying Digigram solutions, fully integrated with your studio’s production technologies, you can easily stream up to 64 content sources for simultaneous delivery almost anywhere and over almost any transmission channel. Convert analog, digital or synchronous AoIP studio signals to IP for content streaming to FM and AM transmitters and other channels with our range of STL (Studio Transmitter Link) codecs. Simultaneously transmit to satellites, web radio, and other channels for reception by audiences using almost any reception device, located anywhere.

The benefits

  • Reliable: transmit content with confidence. These solutions incorporate dual streaming and full FEC (Full Error Correction) technologies to ensure the transmission of the highest quality, no cut out, no disruption, content.
  • Transmitting flexibility: deliver up to 64 separate content streams simultaneously over almost any transmission network.
  • Ultra-Low latency: low delay compression and smart transport impairment recovery technologies are used to access every millimetre of available network bandwidth.
  • Full FM synchronization: for a seamless audio experience for on-the-go listeners receiving signals form a series of different FM transmitters and who could otherwise experience audio delay.
  • Automatic failover: but what happens if a network channel is lost? You have the confidence that signals will automatically failover to working transmission networks.
  • SNMP supervision for centralized, remote, efficient management:. Configure, reconfigure and upload new software remotely, from anywhere at any time – and all on the fly. Detect signal speeds – and failures – all across the system to optimize broadcast output.
  • Flexible and agile: increase competitive advantage by quickly deploying this Digigram solution.
  • Future proofed and scalable: easily add more delivery horsepower as you require.
  • Low TCO: due to lower cost of entry and increased efficiency.
  • Supported by: market-leading Digigram innovations including Visiblu and FluidIP.

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